There are several features in the Apple Watch that have reportedly saved many lives over the years. These include the ECG feature that tracks heart-related activity, the SpO2 feature that alerts when the amount of oxygen in the blood is low, and the crash detection feature present in the latest Watch series. A recent incident has been reported from the UK, where a woman claimed that the Apple Watch helped save her life. Elaine Thompson, 59, has suffered a heart attack and since 2022, she uses a gadget to monitor her health, reports

the Independent. His Apple Watch relied on the ECG feature, which actually came in handy. Reports suggest that Thompson’s Apple Watch recently detected something wrong with her heart rate and alerted her about it.

Taking it seriously, he soon consulted a cardiologist. The doctor gave him a monitor, which would help Thompson keep an eye on his heart’s activity. Meanwhile, the monitor sent an alert to the hospital, according to which Thompson had not breathed for a full 19 seconds during his sleep.

Thompson was taken to the hospital, where doctors discovered an atrioventricular block in his heart, which was causing his heart to beat slowly and with an abnormal rhythm. Thereafter, he was fitted with a pacemaker. 

Thompson told the Independent: “My daughter called me and told me I needed to go to the hospital immediately. I went there and they told me my results showed I had flatlined for 19 seconds. They told me that it was due to a problem with my heart and I needed a pacemaker. I got a pacemaker the very next day, and because of this, I am fine today. Today I think that if Apple Watch had not alerted me, something would have happened to me. It could have happened. I could have died…”

The woman credits this to her Apple Watch. She says it saved my life. If I don’t get the alert, I don’t go to the doctor. She says that now she wears Apple Watch all the time.

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